Demo of Industrial Painter Website Re-Design Project

industial painter design laird version 1

Demo of Industrial Painter Website Re-Design Project – is a project where I had to take an existing website, and create a concept re-design of website.

This project was a final exam project for my MIS 310 course. The end result based on the specifications was a grade of 100% (A+). This version [here] is the published and graded version. It has not been edited since.

This initial work on the project is based on Bootstrap 3, along with Javascript, jQuery, HTML5, and CSS3.

This project was based off the final exam project specifications:

Basically the objective was to take the existing site given, in this case,, and improve the design and user experience.

  • Building a new site
  • Bootstrap or Responsive Design Concepts
  • Building the appropriate folders
  • Building a CSS file (or copying the appropriate items from a prior style sheet)
  • Build appropriate nav/footer links
  • Build an appropriate header
  • Add title, meta, alt and H1 tags to support SEO
  • Create a default page
  • Add section/aside to the page
  • Incorporate an image into the page
  • Add a bullet list
  • How to format a border/padding/margin
  • Improve appearance!

As of 12/27/2017,’s homepage looks like this:

industial painter existing homepage design - screenshot

This site is among the many sites that have not been updated to meet current web design practices. This is in particular has Flash-based webpages that are somewhat annoying as well. Depending on your browser, the addons you use, and the settings you have applied on your browser, this website will either use the Flash-based webpages or the basic HTML webpages.

Here is a screenshot of the Flash-based version:

industial painter existing flash design - screenshot

The Request a Quote, concept re-design webpage:


I have seen some of my other classmates re-designs. Their ideas had me thinking, “why didn’t I do that”… I plan on implementing some of those ideas in a version 2 of the re-design I will publish.

What do you think of the initial presentation of this version of the re-design? Share your thoughts.

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