Type Conversion – A Python Programming Question

This isn't a jQuery question, this is Python.

type-conversion-python-questAndAns01If your not savvy in computer programming, or specifically, savvy in Python, you probably wouldn’t figure the answer to this question. But the answer is simply:

“210” is a String. * means multiply, in which its multiplying in this case to an integer. Int is short for integer. Input means to take from a user’s entered value. The question the user is asked is, “Enter a number:”. In this case, the user enters 2. Since the user’s input is 2, and the math is a String * an integer; in other words, “210” * 2. The answer is 420. But not… “210” is a String, like words, not an actual number in this case. No its not 210210 either. Actually, what about the float? Well, if look at this as a math problem, you do all inner parenthesis first. The >>> doesn’t mean anything here other than awaiting a user’s command. The float means, simply, allow numbers from being solely integers to being values of decimals. So its not just 210210, its actually:


Which would make the actual correct answer to be:


Crazy right?

After going through a series of other questions while learning Python, I decided to start writing up the questions in a python script. This way I can test the code to see what it does before I give my answer. Yea, its sorta cheating, but not if your understanding why the code does what it does.

[The question about was a screenshot from SoloLearn.]


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